Making Concrete Floors Slip Resistant with Concrete Floor Coatings

Sealed decorative concrete can provide beauty to your home or businesses, but it can also become slippery whenever it is wet. Although a broom finish could be a good solution for some concrete, when working with decorative concrete, there are other options for floor coatings to ensure they are slip resistant and safe.

Options for Concrete Flooring Coatings

One option for concrete flooring coatings to prevent slips and falls is a textured overlay. This is a type of resurfacing system in which a very thin layer of cement is applied to an existing concrete surface. Not only does this help enhance the look of the existing concrete, but it can also provide texture that will help prevent slipping and falling. Along with the coatings taking less time than poring an entirely new floor or patio, you can benefit from cost savings.

Another option that can be used for making concrete floors safer is a non-slip additive.  Using a non-slip additive or aggregate, it is possible to make sure that your concrete surfaces are slip proof. Additionally, these materials added to coatings can be used for enhancing the concrete surface by introducing texture and even color.

An epoxy concrete flooring coating can also be a good option for high-traffic areas. A premixed epoxy non-slip coating can be used on both interior and exterior concrete to achieve optimal results.

Assuming that your client’s concrete floor or surface is not too damaged or eroded, coatings can be applied to the surface to make it safer as well as durable. At the same time, a floor coating can be used to significantly enhance the appearance of your client’s concrete surface, particularly when decorative epoxy floor coatings are used.

Concrete flooring offers a beautiful and durable solution for your client’s residential and commercial spaces. With the right concrete floor coatings, you can provide your clients with increased safety and peace of mind.

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