Selling Tips

Follow these tips to ensure you receive the best deal when selling heavy equipment online.

  1. Be sure to fill out all fields possible – the more information you provide, the more interested buyers will be in your equipment.
  2. Consider providing enough information to get your equipment listed in the most traffic-heavy auction, which will help attract more buyers.
  3. Consider a third party inspection of your equipment. Buyers prefer equipment that has been inspected by an impartial third party.
  4. Submit quality digital photographs of your equipment. Photographs of all sides, major components, operators compartment, and engine will stimulate buyers’ interest.
  5. Perform any repairs to equipment that might attract more buyers and substantially increase the overall value of your equipment.
  6. Consider doing an oil analysis, if appropriate, which provides buyers with a better feel for the condition of internal components.
  7. Be sure to disclose any special comments or additional conditions of sale.
  8. Answer all e-mail questions from buyers promptly and as completely as possible. Work with potential buyers should they wish to view the equipment or have an inspection performed.
  9. Choose your starting price as well as the reserve price of your item. Remember, you are not committed to sell your item at auction unless the high bid is equal to or greater than your reserve price.