Third-Party Inspections

Through partnerships, inspection services are offered on a number of online auction sites as an additional value to customers. Third party inspections are not mandatory. The use of this service may help deliver higher bids for your equipment.

Third party inspection services offer an unbiased and complete analysis of your equipment. Additionally, they may be able to enter all data and photos onto the auction site on the seller’s behalf.

Buyers may also request an inspection of equipment or physically review the equipment being offered.

There are numerous independent inspections companies advertising online, but two include Moody International and D & C Inspection Services.

Moody International provides technical services for domestic and international organizations active in various process industries. They continue to expand their engineering and technical services to offer clients more upstream support in completing vital engineering and quality assurance functions.

D & C Inspection Services meanwhile, offers a wide range of inspection services, quality assurance programs, and other support services to fill their customers’ industrial needs worldwide.