Transportation Quotes

Questions and Answers provided by The site is used as an example of how a typical Internet auction site can be used to access transportation quotes.

Q. How do I request a transportation quote?

When considering placing a bid, you can request a transportation quote by clicking the Get a Transportation Quote link at the top of the item page. Once at the page, you will be required to supply some basic information.

Q. Do you provide international quotes?

Yes. Request a transportation quote as outlined and we will provide a quote for international shipping.

Q. What happens after I have requested a transportation quote?

Once your request has been submitted, you will receive a confirmation e-mail showing all pertinent information. When our transportation experts have prepared your quote, you will receive another e-mail with the official quote.

Q. I have received my transportation quote, how long is it valid?

Specifics will be outlined on your official quote.

Q. I won a bid on similar equipment located in the same city. Can I use my previous transportation quote to have this equipment shipped to me?

You will need to submit a request to receive a transportation quote for each piece of equipment being auctioned. Even subtle differences in equipment can mean a difference in rates, so we analyze each shipment to give you the best value.

Q. I am the winning bidder and have a transportation quote with a great price. How do I request IronOx to handle the shipping?

There are three options to choose from when you are ready for IronOx to handle your shipping. You can notify us via e-mail, send a fax notification or you can contact us at our toll-free number. When contacting us, you must include the auction number and the transportation quote reference number from your e-mail.

Q. Do I send payment for transportation with my payment to escrow?

When you decide to have IronOx handle your shipping, you will be billed separately from your escrow payment.

Q. Does my transportation quote include any costs for rigging or crating of equipment?

Your transportation quote will not include costs for rigging or crating of equipment. This can be worked out with the seller, or you can contract with a local company to perform this function.